A Mural for Moxie (yellow sunshine and paint)

June 7, 2019

The other day I went to an office in Atlanta. I painted by some folks sitting at their desks. I was really close to three people who were typing away on their computers. They were quiet and didn’t say much. Maybe they wondered who the painting caveman was and why they didn’t get to sign off on such an event.

I found out they had a tasty snack room so I got some chips and trail mix and a coffee. They had a broom closet with a nice industrial sink. It smelled like Pine-sol and I enjoyed that. It made me think of my friend Toby. He told me once about how they used Pine-sol to lean their brushes when he painted in NYC for a living. I found out using less Pine-sol is better. It is very fragrant.

The last day I painted I was the only one in the building. I saw one person but he didn’t speak so I don’t think that counted. A lot of people brought dogs to work but there were no dogs that last day either. I had a dog and I took her to work but I couldn’t let her in. Plus, she had no typing skills and had a bad attitude toward co-workers.

Anytime I can paint is a good time. I enjoyed creating this mural for Moxie USA. Thanks for asking me to make a happy painting for your office. I love it.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks