Third Rail Studios (walking through a story book)

August 14, 2019

I painted a really long hallway at Third Rail Studios in Doraville, Georgia. The hallway was about 170 feet long. That is as long as ten 17 foot long things. Third Rail was nice and clean and very air-conditioned and I really liked that during July. Sometimes I was there at night alone and I thought I would see people. They were not there. I also thought I heard foot steps but I think it was rain drops on the roof. I made a lot of friends while at the studio.

This mural was the last of 4 (four) in a row I painted this summer. I liked learning about how they make movies and shows and being able to see the talented worker folks building sets and painting things to trick the show watcher’s eye and mind. Sometimes I would get a free lunch and other times I would get some tasty crackers. I also painted with a broken right hand finger.

I saw the painting as a series of cave drawings — a series of pictographs used to tell a story. I wanted it to feel like you were walking through the pages of a story book. You might not know all the words or understand the book the first time you looked over the words and images, but as you began to walk the hall and flip through the pages it would began to speak to you and create a story in your mind — something that you could take with you and refer back to later — a story of mystical happiness. Thanks to Dan for asking me to paint.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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