The Robe (a lot of friendly waving)

August 28, 2019

My wife bought me a robe to wear at home in the warmer seasons of the year. I have a big brown robe I wear in the cold months. It is very cozy and I call it The Taco. In warmer months one doesn’t need as much of a robe. So she bought me a light weight version.

The robe she bought is very nice and has many colors and stripes. I noticed soon after trying it on that it had a large thick stack of papers inside, sewed into the liner. It was the tag — but this was no ordinary tag. This tag had pages and pages of information and warnings. Many of them were in other languages. Why so many? Why all the warnings? Did it have to do with that fact that it was very colorful and covered in vertical stripes? Perhaps the warnings were to let people know that it didn’t have the warmth of a winter robe. One may never know but I wrote down my thoughts about it all and months later I documented them in a little film.

I hope you enjoy The Robe.

Thanks to my friend Weston for driving me around in my robe and filming me at the bus stop.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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