The City Square Woke Up (a painted BlackCatTips guitar for Atlanta United)

October 1, 2019


The guitar was painted red and it was shiny like a bass boat. i painted it white and started over. It’s good to start over sometimes. the idea came to me because of another painting i had made… Holy Mackerel was the name. so i painted something similar but of course it is never the same. kind of like when you like a pair of pants and order another one to be the backup but for some reason the button is a little too far away from the zipper and you realize you cant get an exact duplicate of happiness.

when we got to soccer game i was very thirsty so maria said she would get me some water but then i came back and she had bought 2 veggie dogs, a popcorn an orange frozen drink and a large pretzel but no water. i got a little worked up but then realized food at the stadium didn’t cost so much and there was no one in line so i got my own water.

then we went to the field and i gave Emerson Hyndman a guitar and I told him it was for playing metal songs to nursery school kids. he laughed and shook my hand he was very sweaty. i read he was from texas. Maybe he liked my hat.

it was fun presenting the guitar to the Man of the Match at Atlanta United game. They won in the last few seconds and when Emerson scored they shot a lot of fireballs out of a tube. Not too bad for a Saturday afternoon.

Photo Credit – Atlanta United // AMB Sports + Entertainment

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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