Painted Tire Antennae

January 20, 2020

i know they think i should do things differently and perhaps so… but i don’t think the spirit in the sky named G O D would fault me for it…. i have a different type of antennae. i think G O D made things in a way that we know G O D made them but we can’t understand it all. I think G O D made JESUS too and I don’t think he was against those that thought differently. I think different. Maybe I did not follow the approved path but by doing things in my way I have ended up in a unique place. i know they wish i would do some things i am not doing. maybe in time. i am a caring man. i try in my way. I don’t think G O D would hold that against me. My antennae is beeping.

Fun times to you,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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