Every One Counts (even me and Stewie)

April 2, 2020

This year is 2020. I think it means a time of change. I know for me it has been. New babies and the world is always different yet always the same. We better hold on to all we can while we can. Hold on to each other

Every 10 years the USA 🇺🇸 counts its people. This year is no different. So the counting has begun. Im very happy that the Georgia Census 2020 asked me to participate.

As part of the Georgia census 2020 I created a coloring sheet for all the elementary students in the state. Not sure now when they will get it because of all that’s happened but one day the children will color! Either way I will share it with you soon. Look for ol’ Mr. BlackCatTips on some census ads here and there this year.

The morning of the census photoshoot I fell in the dark while wearing my robe and tripped up some stairs and crashed through a metal baby gate. I hurt my knee and hand pretty bad. Part of me was laughing and part was crying. I was a mess. A few hours later I was holding Stewie my chicken and we were smiling for the camera in my painting studio. Good golly.

Now everyone do your part for history and get to counting you and yours before I fall down again.

Fun times to you,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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