How Do You Spell BlackCatTips In Russian?

May 11, 2020

I don’t know. I don’t know how to speak Russian or spell Russian. But I was asked questions under a bridge by a Russian speaking lady. Last year I was asked to be interviewed for Voice of America. They have a Russian translation version of their program. It is based out of Washington D.C. They started a series for YouTube called The Great American Road Trip. I met with them for their Atlanta series. It is a well made 25 minute video about Atlanta. I can’t understand much but it is entertaining to watch and very well crafted.

My segment starts after the one about The Varsity at about the 16 minute mark. I talked about growing up in Atlanta, my family in Atlanta and some things I liked to do and see around town . I used to go to The Varsity a lot as kid with my grandparents for special times so it was nice they put my interview after the one about it. We would ride down Glenwood from east Dekalb County on Saturday evenings. I. remember seeing East Lake Golf Course. I was intrigued by the Shriner Temple on Ponce. I would get a frosted orange and a fried apple pie.

I was happy they let me read my Smile A While Book for the interview. Reading a book out loud under a bridge in public is always something fun to do. The pigeons appreciate it. You should watch the video and look for sites you can recognize.

I like it with the translator says, ” My Momma..

Watch the Atlanta episode here.

All the fancy editing by David Gogohkia.

Fun times to you,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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