The HOLY SPIRIT is a cabinet door

July 7, 2020

The house we live in is our home. Before it was our home it was the place other people lived. It burned and was rebuilt. Supposedly a squirrel did it. The fire… that is. That is the home we live in. A home rebuilt because of a squirrel. So, it is new inside. New to us. But it sits on an old Arabia Mountain granite foundation. I like the stone. It has a power to me I can’t quite explain. The stone is old. I seldom see a squirrel.

In the old house was an old kitchen. The house was built in the 1940’s. I do not know how old the kitchen was but I have 2 cabinet doors from it. I found them in the barn. I know they were from the house because one of them had push pin marks in them and a piece of paper taped with local phone numbers and the family name scratched down. Johnson. The second family I believe to live here. To the best of my knowledge, the first was the Patillo family.

I painted one of the cabinet doors with colorful fish and a man in a boat and a lighthouse and an underwater scene. We really liked it so it is on the wall for us to enjoy. It hangs up in the new old house. It is called Holy Mackerel.

This cabinet door is called Holy Spirit. I don’t know what the HOLY SPIRIT looks like but perhaps it could be like this. I know spirits are spirit and not physical so maybe they don’t look like anything. At least not to us with human eyes. Spirits are like floating feelings. Clear winged whims. They move mountains with their spirit breath. But who is to really say.

This cabinet door is pretty special and has a good story. I wonder what was inside the cabinet? Beans? Only the Spirit knows.

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Fun times to you,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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