What Was That Note You Just Played?

July 27, 2020

Yesterday I told Mrs. WhiteCatTips that I had not seen her play the piano we were gifted. A new piano. All the keys. Black and white. Big wooden piano. Brass foot pedals. What does the middle one do?

With this wooden piano …. I guess we are all in. My mother-n-law paid for it. My wife paid to have it moved and I paid Mr. Allen Cook to tune it and in the midst of all that he played me Dave Brubeck Take Five and blew my socks off. Too hot for socks these days.

So Mrs. WhiteCatTips went out to the sunroom and played some notes. I sat on the floor in the other room with Little Ruby. The notes I heard made me think of a song. I started humming the tune. Da-da-da-dahhh. What was it… oh yes. It’s called Annie-Dog. A Smashing Pumpkins tune. Then in a bit I sat at the piano trying to find the tune myself. Tinker tinker plink dink. Plunk. Partially successful I kept on thinking it over. I went to the studio.

I put the song on to play and let it filter through my brain. I wanted to hear what it really sounded like. Hmmm similar. Then another song came on and then another. I was in a weird mood. Mostly a troubled mood. A hot mood. A July afternoon – things didn’t go right this morning – mood.

I started painting without thinking much on a piece of wood I have been working on for months. On all fours on the floor. Little by little. Unplanned, I painted these characters. An old can of paint. All in one swoop. Maybe I screwed up months of contemplation. Maybe I don’t need to contemplate. I stood up and looked it over. Laughed a little. All because of some notes my wife played at my request. The painting is still under progress. As well as my search for all the Mystery Chords. Silent night. Holy night. Little by little. So amazing. Where did the magic breeze come from?

Later Mrs. WhiteCatTips showed me the chord she had played. It was a C. We laughed.. That didn’t sound anything like that song.

Ruby needs help. I’ll be right back.

Fun times to you,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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