Talking Toucan T-Shirt

August 21, 2020

When I painted a big mural a year ago in McDonough, Georgia I made a new set of friends. Peto was one of the fellas that made the mural happen. He has been real supportive of me and my art. His business is Fallas Family Vision and it sits 100 yards or so from my artwork. Peto’s right hand man is named Josh Reeves. Josh is a nice guy too. He had been friendly to me and helped me with my eyes as well.

A couple weeks ago Josh was riding his bike and was hit by a car. He had to be life-flighted to Atlanta Medical Center. Josh had sustained some big-time injuries. He was in ICU for a couple weeks but is now home and recovering with his wife and young daughter.

Peto and I had spoken before about making a shirt for his office, but when this accident happened we decided to use the shirt idea to raise money for Josh and his medical expenses.

My friends at Danger Press in Atlanta have offered to make this happen and donated their hard work and abilities toward the cause. I created the art (Peto is from Costa Rica so we made a happy toucan with glasses.) 100% of the profits will go to Mr. Josh.

******* I wanted to let you know this was a limited time event. Shirt orders stopped several days ago. They are now printing them and will ship soon.

If you wanted to make any donations in lieu of a shirt you could do so by calling Fallas Family Vision in McDonough at 770-954-9898 *******

Thanks for your help,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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