20 Years and Long Red Beard

December 15, 2020

This year is the 20th year I have been painting pictures. I began my artistic journey in the summer of 2000. I have been going ever since. Trying to figure this ol’ world out. Tick tock goes the clock.

I wanted to do many things this year to celebrate‚Ķ but you know how this year has been. You know…

From now until the end of the year, use the code 20YEARS to get 20% off your purchase of totals of $250 or more. Get a deal on a big painting, or several smaller items. If the total = $250 or more, use the code for a discount at the BlackCatTips store.

20 Years. 20% off. 20 Thank You Very Muches in 2020 for all the good times and smiles and old paint brushes and new friends. See my work for sale here.

Happy Holiday Times Unto You.


Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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