Black Ducks

December 30, 2020

I have had a lot of videos on my YouTube account. I made a lot of old videos. I recently cleaned up my page and removed videos that were not on the same path as I want to be on now. I kept the ones I think are good and took off some, even if they had a lot of views — airplanes landing and things like that. One video I decided to keep was Black Ducks.

The flock of black ducks appeared at my old condo one day. They were a tight knit group. They all showed up at the little lake behind the condo and would walk up the hill and through the slots on the metal fence. I have always found ducks to be entertaining and I feel as though they have a nice spirit about them.

As a boy I had gone fishing. I was by myself. A white duck showed up. He or she seemed so nice — like a trained pet. It walked up to my tackled box and begin to take inventory. It rattled through my supplies and little lures. I remember how it picked one out and removed it from my box of gear. I always found that to be so odd and humorous. That must have been in the late 80’s or early 90’s. I wonder where that white duck is now. It was a nice duck.

The black ducks lived around my condo on and off for a year or more. The condo was two miles south of East Atlanta village. The lake was called Glen Emerald Lake. Their numbers dwindled. Maybe some flew to Florida. Maybe a couple went to Alabama to a swamp. That is what I will tell myself. Sometimes we have to tell ourselves things to keep going. I want to keep going. An older tall thin man with long feet named Norris told me that he had seen someone bring all the ducks to the lake in a cardboard box and dump them out. I believed him. One time I filmed Norris rubbing his hands together, standing by the lake. Norris walked a lot up and dow nthe street. Norris pronounced his name in a slow drawn out fashion like this — Naahhhhhrisssss. Norris liked to fish.

I am glad I documented the Black Ducks. One time I turned on the garden hose and let it flow in an arch and down to the pine straw and the ducks got excited and would walk up and drink from it. That was pretty special. I laughed out loud. Good times with ducks. I don’t think I trust a goose but I could tell me troubles to a duck.

Miss you Black Ducks. You had a green sheen in the sun. You were special.

See you soon,

Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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