17167 days

January 11, 2021

As of today I have only been on this earth as Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks for 17167 days. That’s not really too many days. My spirit has been in this body for that many days. 17000 things aren’t too many really. You could almost get 17000 things in the back of an old truck. Old bobby and jim loaded 17000 things one afternoon by themselves. It’s not too many.

Before this earth and this body i don’t know where I was. I am sure I was somewhere. The energy that is me. The spirit that makes ME into ME. The one that makes me myself and not a deer or a turtle. The one that gives me access to these ideas. These ideas that sometime make me hard to deal with or trouble for those I live with. Those ideas that make me want to paint and make things. Those ideas that make me a bit crazy but unique.

I was born in Ohio due to my dad being on an Air Force base where he was flying on a KC-135 refueling tanker jet. Most of the rest of my life I have lived around here. Close to where I live now. South and east of atlanta. Just a little bit. In Dekalb county. In Henry county. So did most of the rest of my family. On all sides. Sometimes I wonder why. Sometimes I just look at the old pine trees. And the old gray dead kudzu in the cold months. The red mud and the hot sweaty summer.

Now I have babies and they are HERE too. In this place. On this ground. With spirits given to them for this life. Spirits that make them unique. A Holy Spirit full of a magical electric spark that is the most beautiful thing.

I have been here all my life. For some reason I sure have. I’ve tried to go away. I returned. I stayed. 47 years old. Painting pictures. And trying to be the best me I can be. Even though that might be the hardest job I have had. I will make the most of the rest of my days to come. The days I have to be with those that mean so much to me. The days where I can express the ideas that flow through me. I have art to make and songs to sing. Thanks for my days and those that share them with me. I wanna be good to the babies and my wife. I wanna be thankful for the morning and the night.

Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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