Two Wooden Benches

May 25, 2021

I painted a wooden bench. Two wooden benches. One bench and then the other.

I was going to buy a used bench but then realized people were selling ones they had built — most of them for too much money. Then I thought that I could build them myself. So I built them myself with mostly hand-me-down scrap wood. Good thing since lumber costs as much as gold nuggets these days. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to bond this couple in eternal matrimony with this here 2×4.

I painted the benches by LED floodlight, in the night, on the back deck. Painted them so they would be happy to be sat upon. It is a fine line— how much work do you put into something that will be sat on. Plopped down upon. I don’t know but I try to do the best I can. Please have a seat.

I delivered the them to my boy’s preschool. Sat them down. On the ground. No one made a frown. I hot the road out of town.

I thought I might start a small furniture company. I will name it Son of a Bench.

See you soon,

Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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