Paintin Dem Logs

June 1, 2021

I was on a drive to go take some pictures of some hubcaps by the road and I happened upon some slices of a fallen pine tree by the ditch. They looked like big wooden nickels. Sliced up real nice — laying on the white line along the little curvy road. I stopped and got three. 3 was all I could handle. A big man in a big truck could maybe get 5. But I got 3. Then I brought them home. They were mighty heavy.

I cleaned them and painted them white. Then I began to paint faces. I painted the first face but it rained shortly after and the eyes washed off. I started over. I decided to make a little painting film about the process. I figured if i didn’t document what I was doing it might not happen.

Here is the little film I made. It is called Paintin Dem Logs. I originally called it Rollin Dem Logs, but after thinking it over I realized I did way more painting than rolling.

See you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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