My Baby Love Me

July 3, 2021

MY BABY LOVE ME. Well sometimes… I mean she puts up with me all the time. Yes she loves me.

A little while back. Maybe a couple months. I was gonna throw out some of scrap metal from my barn. I had it by the road. Ready for the garbage man. Then I looked at it again and decided to bring it back. I looked and looked and then I brought it back. I paced around. Then I put on my gloves and carried it back to the studio.

A week or so later I just painted these words on the metal without thinking too much. Red enamel paint on some sharp pointy edged metal. Then I put it on my barn. It has been there a little bit. I look at it when I cut grass or walk to the back yard. Then the other day I thought I would use my silkscreen supplies and make some folky posters. I say FOLKY cause that means not so much by the rules … or not perfect. But surely made with love.  I printed them hand painted colors and a few details on each one. 

11″x17″ with red silkscreen ink on painted thick paper or chipboard. Hand painted house-paint details. Limited supply. (of posters not house paint) Made by BlackCatTips here at Arabia Mountain, GA.  ❤️

You can see available BlackCatTips art work here.

See you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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