She Made Me A Quiz

July 18, 2021

There’s a girl and her name is Eva. She is a redheaded firecracker-girl. I suppose I’m related to her through marriage and over a fence and down around the corner. I see a bluebird. When I see Eva every year or 2 she always seems feisty — in a good way. I saw her last week.

I found a couple drawings when I was visiting. Just laying on the table. There was just a little bit drawn on each paper — a couple eyeballs and a little animal mouth and a little bitty face. I thought my nephew Jase drew them. Then I was told Grammy drew them. That made me laugh. I found a mechanical pencil and I turned a couple eyeballs and a little animal mouth into a sheep and a little bitty face into a big old man. I didn’t know who drew them and I was taking a gamble drawing on somebody else’s paper. But when you are risk taker-gambler-late-night river-boat type such as myself, this sort of thing seem to come natural. Later, I found out that my friend Eva had drawn those faces. Was I going to be in trouble? Eva told me she was happy that I drew on her drawings. She seemed really calm about the whole thing. I’m glad because one time I drew on my nephew Jase’s drawing and it took him 10 to 12 months to forgive me and get on passed it. I even had to make him a SORRY card.

Eva told me that the drawing of a sheep was supposed to be a small fluffy dog. Grammy’s dog. We talked about drawing and other things and then she asked me could she make me a quiz. I couldn’t recall the last time anybody had made me a quiz, so I said,” Yes, please make me a quiz.” The Eva quiz included riddles, math, problem-solving and something else — but I can’t recall at the moment. She said she had been making quizzes since she was 4. Eva graded my quiz with a serious look on her face. I think I did OK but I never got the final paper returned to me. I did have problems with remembering a shape that has six sides but I figured it out after a minute. Hexagon? Probably dropped my score a bit.

Maybe one day when I’m an old man I’ll see Eva and she’ll have some children of her own and a baby red-headed firecracker-girl and she’ll bring me another quiz. I would like that a lot. But … I doubt I will be any better at math by then.

See you after while Eva.

See you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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