Talkin’ More Than A …

November 20, 2021

He was a talkin’ more than a country auctioneer. That is what I thought of when I heard this interview on the radio. I laughed at myself because I kept talkin’ and talkin’. It made me wonder what folks that don’t know me must have thought. Talkin’ and talkin’. You see… they asked me a bunch of questions and then with the magic of radio edited it down to their liking.

I am thankful they wanted to ask me questions about art and what I do. I always appreciate an opportunity to tell folks my ideas and thoughts. I like to explain what goes on in my mind.

Go to the link here and you can play me talkin’ and a talkin’ and a talkin’. It is ok to laugh. I did too.

Listen here.

See you soon,

Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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