BlackCatTips Open Studio (3)

June 17, 2024


We had a good time Saturday for the third BlackCatTips Open Studio. It was super hot under a tin roof but it was also super fun. Thanks to all that could join us. More thanks to all who bought some of my art. I enjoyed talking to people about how I make the paintings or to those who inquired about how I create some of the items and my ideas behind them. It was a very happy day. Did I mention it was hot?

The children sold snacks and cold drinks. We had fancy fruit water too. We had lots of fans to move the air and a little AC in the studio. Four dogs joined us and at least 2 babies. I was honored to have some well known artist and art writers in attendance.

Sometimes I feel like giving up but then I see all the wonderful people that I mean something to and I feel like I must continue. I am im sending love out today to all of those people that I mean something to. Thanks again for a great Open Studio.

Even though at times we can be alone and happy, friends and love makes the world go round.

See you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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