She Said Yes (a street art wedding proposal)

October 2, 2012

I painted a wall. It is a special wall in a not so special kind of spot. It took me a while to find a wall I could paint. I asked around East Atlanta. Some said yes; some said maybe. I finally found a good spot near my neighborhood. I guess this one was meant to be.

I painted the wall in a few days. I had a lot of folks walk by and ask me what I was doing. I had permission from THE MAN so I wasn’t scared. I had a guy try to sell me super giant t-shirts and a couple people ask me for change. One guy tried to sell me a laptop computer. One man asked me for fifty cents. One woman drank a beer in a bag and watched me stand on my ladder.

I got a sunburned arm. I saw a lot of yellow jackets. I used some spray paint and some brush paint. I took Pup with me. I cut some bushes down with a hand saw.

A couple days after I finished I took Maria for a walk. We ended up at the painting. She spotted my wall from up the street. I tried to play dumb and not see it. I asked her to be my bride and she said YES. I smiled a lot. She smiled a lot too. We laughed and had to sit down in the grass and calm down. We felt dizzy. Time to celebrate.

Life can be simple. Life can be tough. Life seems to always be interesting. Life can be good and happy.

—- See a lot more photos of the wall here. —-

Drive by and check it out for yourself. Here is a map.

The mural received a mention here in Atlanta INtown Paper (pg 7)  Thanks!

– kyle