I Woke Up Very Mad – KirkWood SpringFling

May 11, 2013

Today I woke up angry– really angry. I felt pretty mad too. After stomping around for an hour I went over to do some live painting at the KirkWood SpringFling in Atlanta, Georgia. There were a bunch of other people doing paintings too. I reckon there were about a dozen artists working.

All the artists were given 4 foot by 8 foot panels. This was in collaboration with the Kirkwood Festival and Sam Flax Art Store. I spent a few hours painting. I worked out my angry feelings on some cat paws and tail. I painted a dog too and some spotted mushrooms. The fun came back.

The weather was just right with a little warm wind. The paint dried quickly. A bird flew by. I hardly even made a mess.

I had a bunch of folks walked by and looked. If you came by and spoke to me I sure do appreciate it. I had a few special comments that really made my day.

I finished my painting and the rain held off. Then I walked around a while. I went home feeling “Un-Mad.” I suppose painting did the trick.

Did you know art is good for things like that?


– kyle