Hats & Bowties Mural (vegan bakery/grim reaper)

January 3, 2014

set up above the street. a hallway around the corner. solitude and rainy days. gray clouds and my music bouncing off the eggshell gray walls. i am left to my own. i started. i flopped. i grew angry. i went home. i lost my mojo (thats what craig henderson said to joe once.) maria gave me some pointers. sat me down with my own creations, turned the pages and i grew inspired. meanwhile the holiday passsed and the grim reaper took one home. i did not even know. the cold wind blew and it rained once more. the sun came out–at least in my mind. the hallway became happy. i felt good inside. the bakery was not open but we learn who is in charge (not eye.) i walked away on the last afternoon of the year. i felt good.


– kyle