Southern Ambrosia (album art + a dog leg drummin’)

December 5, 2018

I have a friend who is a good singer. Her name is Kristina Murray. She asked me almost one year ago at a friend’s party to make some art for her new album. I always thought record album artwork was something I wanted to do so I said, “Yes ma’am.”

I painted the art for Kristina in the spring after Baby Teddy was born and I recovered from the FLU. I took some photos of of the painting around my barn and out in the warm sunshine. I then sent ’em on up to Nashville and they took care of the rest.

Next thing you know, Southern Ambrosia is a real album and my paintings are on the inside. I knew the title was Southern Ambrosia so I kept thinking of the bowls of oranges and coconut I would see my grandma make around Christmas time — oranges and peaches and pinks in a big Tupperware bowl. I wanted to capture the essence of my memories in the album artwork — sprinkle in a few smiles like my grandma would with the shredded white coconut.

I saw Kristina play a show in Atlanta in October. I was really impressed and inspired. Her band sounded really smooth and authentic — an honest voice. I am happy to work with other artists who are listening to the creative voice inside their heads — who take note and listen for the Spirit of Inspiration. To create a collection of music and develop the concept of the album and then perform the songs for crowds is no small feat. Thank you Kristina for working hard on what you feel called to do.

I really like her new song Strong Blood. I like the line about the dog’s leg.
Take a listen here at the link below.

Pick up a vinyl record or CD with BlackCatTips art inside real soon and eat some peaches and oranges and coconut too.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks