Hambidge Center (the things i made)

January 23, 2019

There is something about building a small fire that helps associate you with new house or shack or cabin or art studio. As you build the fire you gain heat and comfort. You can then feel more comfortable and make a list of what else needs to be done to make yourself feel at home. Once you feel at home, you can then get to work.

When I arrived at Fisher Studio at Hambidge it was a cold day. Many colder days followed so I would turn the heater dial up and watch the red glow warm my room. I worked all I could. I had a main project of painting a large set of BlackCatTips BEAR heads but I also had a side project too. The side project to me became more fun — although much more temporary. I watched old movies while I worked and played loud music. I made food and ate it while I painted. I climbed the ladder and painted more. I would go sit on the front porch and look down the valley. Then I would go paint again.

I hung a plastic drop cloth on the large wall and painted on it. I also began to cut and glue large pieces of brown paper. I then tacked them to the wall and paint more. When I was finished I had decorated the whole wall with several large painted pieces — a paint on paper assembled creation.

Toward the end of my time at Hambidge I went on a long walk around Owen Mountain. I saw creeks and small waterfalls and a large rock cliff. I felt very isolated and saw no other humans. I looked for bears but saw none. I would think some animals had their eye on me.

The sun went down and the sun came up. All the people left and went home and a new batch arrived. The sun went down again. Life goes on and we take our memories with us like a sandwich in a brown paper bag.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks