Sunshine On A Tree (friends and cameras)

March 21, 2019

A friend of mine came by a little while ago on a sunny winter day. He used to live here but now he lives out west by the ocean and Venice Beach. We walked around the yard. He always has his camera with him. His name is Jason Travis. He took the photos on this here blog post.

I live here and not anywhere else. I do not live in Venice Beach or New York City. I have been to New York and was very amazed and overwhelmed. I asked a Persian man in lower Manhattan for a plain toasted bagel. He looked at me like I had asked to kiss his mother. Be careful when kissing a Persian mother in a bagel shop.

Some days I would like to go other places. I would like to wander around in the desert down in Southern California. I would like to se Joshua Tree. I always like to be in the mountains. But today I am here and it feels like home to me. I enjoy walking around on my property and looking at the plants. I see a lot of flowers and I would like to learn their names. Maybe one is named Larry. Susan lives here and she has black eyes.

I have seen a lot of things in the few years I have lived on this spot. I have seen an older asian woman in a small hatchback car. I have seen another woman that asked me if she could be a receptionist. I have seen turkeys taking a dust bath. I have see many animals on a wildlife game cam. I have thought I saw the WolfMan behind my barn on a moon lit night. I have seen Carolina Anoles and Blue Tailed Skinks. Anoles are nice and Skinks are not. Similar to how ducks are nice and Geese have a mean-streak. But back to reptiles — I have seen a snake or 3 — found some spent snake skins. I have watched a million bees fly by. Luckily I do not see many flies. I caught a couple large meaty rats in a no-hurt-em trap before. I fed one green peas and gave it hay to make a bed with. I saw a family on shrews and deer by the dozen. I have seen many things. I see possums and armadillo from time to time. I have seen Cedar Waxwings and Summer Tanager. Wood Thrush and White Throated Sparrow sing to me if I listen. We even have had a visiting Chuck-Wills-Widow. I see thousands of airplanes and rickety trucks go by. People walk up and down the street. Some are looking for trouble, and some are looking for wildflowers. Most keep on walking.

I am a small human in a large world. I like to look and think. Where do all these animals go at night? How do flowers know how to grow a bloom? What makes a dry seed wake up? Why do I like to tell stories? Maybe because I think too much and need to release pressure from my brain.

Stand in the sunshine and take a breathe. It will be ok. That is what I tell myself.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks