Mr. Bhringha (a smiling painted tree)

March 23, 2019

This is Mr. Bhringha. He lives in the corner of of grass green yard and watches all the cars go by. Sometimes he will wink at you if you are lucky.

I made him after a long time of thinking about ways to make some big heads and faces to put in trees. These thoughts came from a few places — sculptures I saw while in Bogota, Colombia, mental plans I had for creating my own sculpted pieces and finally a photograph that amazed me. The photo was of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera standing in front of a tree with heads in it. The heads were clay and at some sort of indigenous South American historical site. Perhaps all of this is one big thought.

I made the sculpture out of chicken wire and spray foam. I carved it and painted it and added a few touches. I don’t know how long Mr. Bhringha will live outside in the weather but until he tells me he wants to move I will leave him there to see the people and cars and buses going back and forth.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks