Dusty Men (packed up in boxes and waiting on a new life)

March 29, 2019

Recently I was given the chance to go see the restoration of the sculpted figures from the Atlanta Cyclorama. They are being restored as part of the massive project which will be a completely redone Battle of Atlanta Cyclorama scene now housed in a new custom building at the Atlanta History Center.

The figures have been carefully cleaned, repainted and in some cases rebuilt by a great artist named Joseph Lazzari and assisted by a very skilled Marcy Starz. I walked around their workshop studio in East Point and got to see all they working on and the process. I was very impressed by all I saw.

The figures were only 3 or so feet tall. They were only painted and finished on the side that the cyclorama visitor would view them from. They are all about a hundred years old and some have been poorly retouched over the years. In the new building, with a completely rebuilt and restored facility, they will live a much better life and be protected better from the elements over the next decades.

Thanks again to Joseph for showing me his skilled artistic labors. Now I will go back to painting with a frayed sad bush at my studio. I look forward to seeing the figures installed at the Atlanta History Center sometime soon. I sure was amazed.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks