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I get asked a lot of questions. I love writing back and forth with folks about art and what I do but sometimes I end up giving the same answers over and over. So hopefully, this list of Frequently Asked Questions will help you and me out.


* Do you donate art to charity auctions?

As a general rule NO, I do not. I have been advised by my accountant against the idea. I might on occasion think about donating art if the organization requesting the donated painting wanted to split the proceeds or if the organization was interested in presenting me with some sort of stipend in exchange for my time and efforts — money, supplies, equipment, travel reimbursement, etc.

Most of the time I see it as a bad business decision on my part— due to the fact that my paintings are one of my main sources of income. If I give them away all of the time I am lowering my value and putting myself in potential financial harm.


* Do you do personal commission work?

At this time, I am not accepting any individual commissions or personal projects. For example, Can you paint our pet's portrait? No. I can't at this time. Will you paint a tree that grows in our yard for my husband's retirement party gift? Thanks for asking but I can't take that project on at this time.

I do however, have plenty of original art for sale here.

If your project is larger and doesn't have many stipulations or constraints, I might be able to consider it. For example, if you wanted a large mural in your home or a larger painting for your house or business and your only request was to use the color orange and light blue, then I would be able to discuss this with you.


* Do you sell your artwork?

Yes I do. Art sales are one of the ways I make a living for myself. You can see the original artwork I currently have for sale here.

If you would like to purchase art you may contact me here.

I also paint murals, do personal appearances, give talks, create art for companies and organizations and find a few other ways I can trade whimsical smiles for dollar bills.


* Free Work?

No. There is a very high chance I can't do your project for free. If you are a business or organization making a profit please don't tell me that "this job will be great exposure." That usually is not a true statement and exposure in itself is not adequate payment. Exposure plus some sort of financial compensation might be a way to move forward but not exposure or experience on its own.


* Is your BlackCatTips logo a cat?

No. My logo is a BEAR. Originally I had a black cat for my logo. In the summer of 2011 I painted the BeltLine BEARS mural for the Atlanta BeltLine. After that, my BEAR character caught on and has helped define my art. If you call it a kitty or a teddy bear or a pig it is ok with me. But for the official record it is a BEAR.


* Is your accent authentic?

Yes. I have spent most of my life in the Atlanta, Georgia area. My family tree has grown out of this humid red soil amongst the kudzu and the clay and most roots descend from the southern Appalachians hills. I have two family lines which spent generations in south Dekalb County, Georgia — a couple more developed an hour or so east of Atlanta. I have learned it is best to get to know yourself and be who you truly are. My voice is an authentic part of me.


* Do you own a black cat?

No. My wife and I have an elderly Rat Terrier named Pup. We usually call her BEAST. She has 2 teeth, can't see very well and can hear even less. She does have a very good sense of smell and still likes to run around willy-nilly. She also likes to rest in her bed for many hours on end.

In the future we would like to own a Cornish Rex cat.