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Drawings On A Pad

I am helping keep two boys; 2 and 4 years old. They take a lot of work and my girlfriend is doing the nasty tasks. I am cooking and singing to them and doing support work. When they are asleep … Continue reading

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Such A Busy Man

I have been busy. My brain in spinnin’. I have been cutting and sawing and sanding and painting. All of the above and some more too. I have sold some t-shirts and made several new paintings. Over and over and … Continue reading

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Bear Heads And The Children

My mom is going out of town. Actually she is going out of the country for a week. Haiti is her destination. Before she left I wanted to go see her. I found her at my sister’s house and all … Continue reading

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East Atlanta Strut 2011

Yesterday was the East Atlanta Strut 2011. What a great day! It started out really cool and jackets were needed. Then it got really warm and burned my neck. I should have worn my big straw hat! I met a … Continue reading

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A Lot Of Work

I have been working everyday and all the time. There is so much for me to accomplish to prepare for my first art show. I know some folks don’t need as much work to get ready but I sure need … Continue reading

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Roadside Crosses Around Atlanta

I placed a few crosses along the roads in Atlanta this weekend. Green and Red and Pink and White. I hung them in the day and I hung one at night. I climbed up ladders and I rode in a truck. … Continue reading

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Sitting In A Parking Lot On Moreland Avenue – A Poem

Yesterday I sat in a parking lot on the east side of Atlanta. I sipped coffee and made a list of things I needed in the store… and I wrote this on an old crumpled envelope:   Collector of words … Continue reading

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Getting Ready

I have been working really hard to get ready for my first art festival. Maybe I should call it a street party with music and beer and corndogs and crazy people that just happens to have art too. Either way … Continue reading

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Keys To Creativity

As you can see in the picture, I have filled up my living space with art. I do not have a television anymore so I listen to talk radio in the early morning and late night. Last night I heard a … Continue reading

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