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A Year In Review – 2011

2011. In a few ticks of the clock it will be gone. Just like every year, it will be gone. Untouchable for the ages. We will be older and hopefully wiser or prettier or something like that. Then it will … Continue reading

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Chalk Drawings

I was asked to do the backgrounds for a calendar photo shoot. I spent over 2 days doing drawings with chalk on a 8 x 10 foot wall. Each month the illustration would progress to the next; leaves grow, leaves … Continue reading

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Canyon Walls

  Staring at the canyon walls I speak into the fog bank A monk in a snowstorm A mansion on a emerald hill Talk of a takeover The crowd packs it up A thunderstorm brews on the horizon Your mother … Continue reading

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I Am Busy

So I have not written in a week. Heck, I have been busy. I have been shipping paintings and prints for Christmas, painting new items and practicing music. I have had some private showings of my paintings and discussed commission … Continue reading

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Postcard Pinup Show

MINT Gallery in Atlanta is having a postcard pin-up show. They said to make a piece of art on a postcard size paper. I made 3 last night. Which one should I submit? Let me know your choice here. – … Continue reading

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Christmas Party Art Sale

Saturday I displayed artwork at a Christmas Party at some new friends house. Jake and Pete invited me over. They gave me the main room of the party to show a bunch of new paintings. They have purchased several of … Continue reading

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A Sign For Burgess-Peterson School

Yesterday I installed a sign at Burgess-Peterson School in East Atlanta. They have a garden in the courtyard of their school. Each grade has a raised-bed plot. All of the grades have a competition to see which one can produce … Continue reading

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