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Atlanta Intown Paper

I am really excited about the new September issue of the Atlanta Intown Paper. I was asked to create the cover art for them. This was a big thrill for me. I was very honored to be asked and to … Continue reading

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Ramblings From A Semi-Frustrated Soul

I paint most every day. Sometimes I paint all day. In between I play songs on my guitar or run. Then I draw a little. Paint on all of my clothes. Paint on my my feet. Paint on the floor. … Continue reading

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Highland Avenue Bridge

Soon I am to begin painting under the Highland Avenue Bridge in Inman Park. This will be part of the Art on the BeltLine 2012. The project has been delayed due to weather and construction. The path is being paved and … Continue reading

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Slotin FolkFest 2012

I drove to the North Atlanta Trade Center. I showed my art at Slotin FolkFest 2012. I mixed and mingled and met some fine folk. I rode in the back of a cargo van. I ate Peruvian food with some friends. I … Continue reading

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Painted BlackCatTips Furniture

Maria and I decided I should paint some furniture. We bought 2 end-tables and a 4-drawer dresser recently. We cleaned them up and did some repair work on one; screws, glue and a couple small nails. Bam! Bam! Pow! All … Continue reading

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Interstate Cross Construction (Gearing Up For FolkFest)

I have been painting everyday getting prepared for FolkFest 2012. It is this week, August 17, 18 and 19. I have made a lot of new pieces. I have even painted a collection of furniture; two end tables and a 4-drawer dresser. FolkFest was … Continue reading

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The First Steps Are The Dirtiest

Art is usually pretty. Art is usually refined. Like a building under construction, the first steps involve digging and dirt and destruction before construction. The inner-structure is rarely as refined as the outer facade. You have to get dirty sometimes. … Continue reading

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Free Friends $400

Free Friends $400. Free Hugs $300. I have been making signs on the back of old signs. I collect them and bring them home. I paint them on my porch and then take them with me as I drive around … Continue reading

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People Love Bear Heads

I made a few new paintings; One on a shirt and a couple on wood. They are all bears. I took some bears to a music video shoot the other night in Little Five. I painted a bear on a sign. I … Continue reading

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