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Super Confidence (or coincidence)

The limo.  Black metal and black windows. A man in a black hat. The super confidence or coincidence. It is very hot upstairs.  I don’t want to use your electricity too much. Water is free. Water is from The Lord … Continue reading

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A Business Needs A Sign (or two)

There is a little food hut down the hill. Sometimes it is open. Sometimes it is not. These times vary greatly. It has had a blank sign in front of the small establishment for several years. The sign was red. … Continue reading

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Stripes (The Unexpected)

I painted with some children. I had an idea of what I wanted to do. Some of them worked with me. Some just worked. A few walked away. The colors weren’t as I wanted. The plan wasn’t going as I … Continue reading

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Last Week (Jesus Bears It All)

This last week has been real hot. I have been painting in an upstairs condo. It is nice to have a good place to paint. Hope it lasts a while longer. What would life be without threats of uncertainty to … Continue reading

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Forward Warrior (Painting under the trees)

I painted last weekend as part of Forward Warrior – Cabbagetown. Myself and a group of other artists painted on a long wall along the CSX railroad lines. Thanks to Peter Ferrari for asking me to be a part of … Continue reading

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Black and White

  Black and White can say a lot. So strong. One way or another. Make a decision. Quite your wavering on the choppy surf. Wrong or Right but just pick one and move. The light is always next to the … Continue reading

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Thousand Island

Pictures say a thousand words. Thousand Island is a funny name for a salad dressing. I have not had a Big Mac since I was a young person. I walked on a sand dune in Michigan. I showed Maria how … Continue reading

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