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Birthday Cake Screening (meeting me)

Last night I went to the debut screening  for the short film Birthday Cake.  I got to meet Mark Ashworth who played “me”. Really he played a character based on my general looks and the art I make — a bearded folky … Continue reading

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Big Hat (Big Advertisement)

Thanks to MailChimp, I was featured this month in a full page ad in Fast Company and Inc Magazines. Me and my big hat were pretty happy about this. I am glad Jason Travis took these photos last summer — real … Continue reading

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Ginger Pride Parade (march down main street)

I had a fun time today being the Grand Marshal of the 6th annual Ginger Pride Parade in Rome, GA. Thanks to James Schroeder for asking me to be a part of this fun event. His goal is to bring … Continue reading

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SCOPE (art delivery)

This weekend drove to Plains, Georgia to deliver a SCOPE bottle to Mr. John Williams. SCOPE stands for Sippin’ and Chilling On Paddling Expeditions. It is an offshoot of the Georgia Conservancy trips program—a unsanctioned yet fun loving subgroup. The SCOPE … Continue reading

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Trout and Shrooms (painting for sweetwater)

Last night I painted at an event for SweetWater Brewing and their 420 Fest. Here are a few things that happened: I painted a trout and mushrooms. Some girls asked me where was I from. I helped judge a coloring … Continue reading

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Death of the Sea Beast (on a spring afternoon)

Death of the Sea Beast. Today a mural I painted was torn down. I painted it almost 2 years ago. It lived its life. We all have a birth and death date — a start and finish line. We all have chances … Continue reading

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Coca-Cola Bottle 2016 (fizzy fun)

I recently painted my version of a Classic Coca-Cola Bottle from the 1950’s. I was approached by a Coca-Cola art collector about creating a BlackCatTips Coke bottle. It makes me happy to look at the finish product. I sent it … Continue reading

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Time Frame (removal by shotgun)

We all have a limited time frame we operate inside within. The same goes for street art. My street folk art and signs always have an interesting life. Some signs fall down. Some signs get taken. Some signs get thrown away. … Continue reading

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