A Sign For Burgess-Peterson School

Yesterday I installed a sign at Burgess-Peterson School in East Atlanta.

They have a garden in the courtyard of their school. Each grade has a raised-bed plot. All of the grades have a competition to see which one can produce the most pounds of produce. Lettuce, Broccoli, herbs and Cabbage were all growing.  I think Michelle Obama visited the garden during her school visit this year. I bet she would like my sign.

I was asked by a neighborhood friend who is a Georgia Master Gardener to make the sign for the school. She volunteers at the school every week and teaches about plants and how to garden. She wanted a sign similar to the work I had done for the East Atlanta Farmers Market sign. I had painted wooden vegetables for their sign as well.

I dug the holes and attached the sign. I touched it up and was pleased. When I was done, several second grade students came out and checked out the sign painting and installation. The little girl said,”The sign felt good.” That made me laugh. I guess she liked the look of the polyurethane varnish. I gave each little vegetable a name; Oswald onion, Chad carrot, Paula Pea and so forth. The kids liked reading the names out loud.

Digging post-holes was pretty easy but afterwords my arms felt funny.

Here are some photos of the sign.

– kyle

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