2 Hand Painted Signs (and a driving dog)

Yesterday I made another visit to Atlanta Progressive Preschool near North Druid Hills Road in Atlanta. I was asked to create 2 signs for their school to be placed along the road. They wanted their logo and name and then some decoration to be added in my style. I like it when things are asked for in my style; it means I can’t go wrong. I had a little trouble with earlier portions of the painting but I turned it all around. In the end I liked the way they looked and was proud of the final product.

When I visited the school the kids saw me again and went crazy. I have no idea why they like me but they sure do. It really is humbling to walk in a room of children when they are chanting your name, “Mr. Kyle, Mr. Kyle!” Woweeeee… Crazy stuff.

Some of them visited me while I was installing one of the signs next to their playground. They asked me questions. One also wanted to know why my dog was in my truck. I told them she drove me there. I went on to explain that my truck had special pedals for the dog’s feet.

I just want to say, “Thanks” again to Atlanta Progressive Preschool for being so nice to me and for all of their support and kindness toward my art.

Oh yea, and to the school kids; my 17 lb. dog really can’t drive.

– kyle

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