New Happenings and Sawdust

I am working on a new set of projects. I have had a frustrating few days but next week will be better. Working on projects is good for your mind and soul; just wear gloves. You don’t want splinters in your soul. Someone had stolen my gloves out of my truck a while back and I needed to replace them.

Yesterday and today I cut a lot of wood. I bought a new little sander thingamajig to help me out. I made bears and pizza and fish and birds and little squares and so forth. Some nice friends from up the street let me use their garage and driveway to work. They have a few large dogs. They hung around me and made sure I was happy. Some of the dogs chewed on wood scraps. Chomp chomp

I am making a giant pizza to go to Grant Central Pizza in East Atlanta. I also am going to be showing art in Tomatillos in East Atlanta. I will have a collection of paintings being displayed there starting around the beginning of May.

Next Saturday, the 21st of April, I will be selling art at The Midway Pub Earth Day Festival. I am making some new wooden bear heads and I will have some other artwork with me as well. The last sale The Midway held was near Valentine’s Day. Other than it being freezing cold it was a really good day. Oh yea, and my feet got really numb.

The next Saturday, April 28th,  I will be selling art at the Peace Love and Bugs VW show at the Atlanta Progressive Preschool. There will be some happy people beside the access road between North Druid Hills and Clairmont so stop by and buy a bear and look at cool VW Bugs.

So as you can see I have quite a few things going on. I am also making plans for my art show on June 9th at HodgePodge Coffee and Gallery in East Atlanta. A big show with new work!

Update: I just found out that I will be in the Fayette Courthouse show May 19-20 around the old Fayette County Courthouse. I will be on the corner of Hwy 85 and 54.

I will be posting more info soon.

– kyle

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