East Atlanta Strut 2012

It has been a year since my first outdoor art festival show. A lot of my life is still the same but the art part has been moving on; just like an old rusty train with scraggly hobos inside. It seems like I have met so many people and tried so many new things; highly addictive Mongolian narcotics, tight rope tricks and hot-iron branding. Ok maybe those things aren’t true but I did have a great time this weekend.

This past Saturday was the 2012 East Atlanta Strut. It went very well for us. We were on the main road this time which helped with visibility. They told me I could sit down there if I took a bath and behaved myself. Maria and I set up my Blackcattips tent and then enjoyed the nice weather. I am so glad she helps me. Friends and family stopped by for a visit; even a few crazy ones. This made the day better.

It was really sunny but there was no wind and only five or three drops of afternoon rain. So many nice people came by and told me they enjoyed my art. I met some new neighbors. (I even saw a rabbit-child.) I sold quite a few bears and crosses. It is an odd balance between creating art you like and realizing what people want to purchase. These are things we learn from and adapt around; learn, trade, barter, sell, prune, grow.

So far the EAV Strut is the most fun show I have been in. Thanks to Fran, Laird, Patrick, Lori and Michelle for putting it all together. Y’all do a wonderful and much appreciated job.

– kyle


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