Creative Loafing / High Museum Paper Box

A couple weeks ago I was asked by Creative Loafing – Atlanta to paint a paper box for them. It is for an event in association with the High Museum. It will be Creative Loafing’s 40th birthday party and will be held at the Goat Farm in Atlanta.

I was presented with several images of artwork that will be at the High Museum this fall. I was asked to choose one and use it as an influence for the paper box. I chose a painting by DeKooning. I saw several works by him last year while in Washington D.C. I have admired his abstract style and the way he painted figures and faces. For many years I have been drawn toward native masks and primitive faces. DeKooning’s art was an easy choice for me.

I had never painted with oil based paints before, other than a little spray paint a few times. It took me just a little while to adjust and I was enjoying it. I needed an oil based paint to do a proper job on a sheet metal box. I sprayed paint into a can and then worked it with mineral spirits. Then I could brush it on and use it like I would any other paint. My girlfriend assisted me with the lettering for the two logos. She has more skills than I do.

Aside from the fumes everything was great. What was I saying? Oh, never mind. Have you seen my wallet? No, I don’t have a white cat. $@%#$

Thanks to Creative Loafing for asking me to be part of this event. The BlackCatTips paper box will be debuted at the Creative Loafing’s 40th Birthday party at the Goat Farm September 19th.

You can see all the photos of the finished box here.

(look here to see photos of my painting as it progressed; from bare box to finished product.)

– kyle

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