Turning Sun School

Today I visited with the kids in Ms. Brooks (nice last name) class at Turning Sun School in Atlanta. They had been studying folk art. They asked me to come and talk to them about some things I have painted and the stories behind them. Some of the children seemed more interested in my shirt pockets and my orange beard. I showed them 2 paintings and told them a little about each. One girl sewed me a BeltLine Bear pillow. Another drew cherries on the woodland creature scene I drew for them. One told me I was, “Tall as a tree.

They had constructed a marvelous little book about myself and some of my mural projects. I was really surprised to see a little book all about me! I spent some time hanging out with the kids and answering questions. We then took a tour of the school.

Thanks to all the teachers at Turning Sun for all of the nice things you did for me. I have never had a book written about me or seen a homemade Kyle Brooks Action Figure Doll until today.

Watch a video of today’s visit and a look at the book.


Thanks to Maria for traveling with me and taking the good photos.

– kyle

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