Read This Over and Over (a thousand concrete blocks)

I get down too often. I beat myself up. I loose all of my golden confidence. Sometimes I get really up and then I go way down– roller coaster brain ride. The other day an old friend I havent seen in a long time wrote me some amazingly kind words. I was moved by his thoughts. I showed the letter to Maria. She told me to read them over and over again. I will.

Here are the words–

“stuff that would make it on to pba… the stuff where you feel about it, you hear about it, there is all of this feeling about it before you see it.. or, you can just paint.. paint.. paint some more. paint something good.. paint way more bad.. but paint.. just getting back into it. your stuff is really mind blowing, and it is really.. the things you are doing are melting into people’s minds as they pass by.. what you have done has all ready inspired some little kid in the back seat of an ol’ saab in a car seat. Because that lil’ kid has been under a thousand bridges, seen a thousand concrete blocks. but after what you’ve done, that little kid will take what you have done and try to make this world a little more beautiful.. I think that’s what they call pay it forward, respect,

I don’t know. What you are doing is something, I don’t know, if I did I would do it.. Your coming from a good place in your heart that I wish I could find… but i’m working on it… the world might catch up with you soon… but if it doesn’t, don’t worry, we’re all trying..”

More thanks than you can know old friend.

– kyle




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