A Time For Honesty (death of the plastic face)

Today I came face to face with the life I do not want to lead. I listened to a table of fake people saying fake things to make themselves feel better. If we can’t be honest with ourselves then what is the point? I was not impressed by the banter of the table next to mine but instead I was agitated. I still am. I cant imagine traveling across the country to sit across from a red-faced puffed-up jerk and tell him all of my mighty corporate accomplishments. These guys acted like they had every answer and had the golden rings already within their grasp. If only I had such confidence and knew all the answers. I could hold my head right and say the office buzzwords and finally gain some respect! I call “POPPYCOCK!”

We should follow our passion and our heart and try to live an honest happiness. If the corporate world does it for you then so be it, but at least drop the plastic face and the cold blue heart. Be real for your own soul’s sake. Please.

It was not the pleasant lunch I planned, although the company of my dear lunchmate was appreciated. Thank you.

*I drew the drawing below as I waited in my truck for the aforementioned lunch date.


– kyle



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