Notes during a solo breakfast (at Highland Bakery)

the world is large.
my world is small.
repeating circles over and under.
people and folks in little groups.
holding hands but not really.
I can’t take it.
everyone has turned crazy.
crazy but they won’t admit it.
me you and the guy yelling at cars on the corner.
truck stop blues.
smokey back rooms/one armed bandit.
Loretta Lynn wigs.
rules and regulations.
self imposed sanity.
lord do you hear me?
are you responsible for this?
am i?
a skull with a skin suit.
chattering yellow teeth.
we are all bones inside.
dirt on a timer.
so we should relax.
tick tock tick tock.
when is the day of salvation?
a window opens.
a man steps through.
bright eyes.(1)
bright eyes.(2)
bright eyes.(3)

– kyle



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