Hot Fish Sign

A real nice guy gave me some cardboard. He works for a TV making show and gave me some scraps of wood and cardboard to paint on. So I did what seemed logical and painted a HOT FISH sign.

I painted it this week and then put it up today. I was going to put it up the other night but in the exact hour I was going over the store next door had some sort of emergency bomb scare issue. In the end I think it was all hype but I stayed away– far away. No FBI or SWAT teams please.

I went over today and put the sign up. A couple guys were hanging out so I talked to them. They were named JR and KW. They were happy to pose for a photo.

Hope you see the “smilin’ hot fish” on your way home.

I also made a film of my hot fish painting so watch it here.


– kyle




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