A Movie Makin’ or Talking with Whitney and Nathan

Today Nathan and Whitney came over for a good time talkin’. I sat in a rocking chair and they sat up their gear–microphones and stands and cameras in bags and sacks. I did not know what we would talk about but somehow I said a lot. Whitney must be a truly fine questioneer! My dog just laid in her little round bed.

They are going to make a little film about me and my art and the things I am trying to do around our city. They wanted to know the origins of some of my creations and the thoughts behind all of my painting. I  told them how I fell down once by a chicken coop and how my Mom catches squirrels for fun. I told them where the bears came from and how I started painting on wood. My neighbor poked his eyes around the corner and looked. A crow flew up and watched. The wind blew.

I told them how I saw things. Then I did some painting for them. Whitney said I painted with the “spirit of a grandma looking over my shoulder.” I think it went pretty well. I can’t wait for the film to be finished and see what they come up with. Thanks guys.

P.S. My dog is still laying there.

– kyle



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