The Things of Late – Brain Pain and Star Tattoos

My brain has hurt all day. There has been a poundin’ pain behind my right eye. Does that mean the pain is on the left side of my brain? Or perhaps the pain isn’t in my brain at all. I don’t know. Maybe it is because I watched some folks shoot fireworks last night. I did inhale some odd sulfurous smoke. We laughed about the smoke and the fireworks that were bought across state lines in South Carolina. Maybe the smoke has done something irreversible to my brain. Has my cerebral cortex been forever damaged?

I painted the wall in Sublime Doughnuts last week. I created a fun doughnut landscape for them. In the mean time I have made a large sun clock for their other wall. I will go back next week to paint a large brown book shelf tree. A doughnut tree if you must know. It is going to look real nice when it all done.

I spent this week secluded in an empty house next to Lake Lanier. I walked down to the lake a couple times. Once to make a time-lapse film and once to clear my head. Both of these incidents involved clouds. While I was at the house I worked on a book I am trying to write. I also built the sun clock and finished a couple other paintings.

While I was there I ate a lot of brown rice. Brown rice is actually tan. I suppose brown rice sells better than tan rice but it would be interesting if tan rice became trendy in the big cities. I was sitting at a bar and overheard some lady tell another lady,  “Yea… (with vocal fry) We were down in Miami and she ordered tan rice. Can you believe that!?”

Tomorrow I will be painting at the Renaissance Hotel in Atlanta. I find the word “Renaissance” extremely  difficult to spell. I have to think of Ren from Ren and Stimpy cartoon to get the first part correct. I plan on painting a talking cupcake at the hotel. It will be based on an illustration I did a while back. Nothing says classy fancy hotel like a talking blabbering cupcake with a buck tooth. I am really glad they have asked me to paint on the wall of their Rooftop 866 bar.

A girl that goes by the moniker of “Clumsy Typist” took some of my Blackcattips Bears to Paris. She took some good pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. I am glad people take my bears with them. They always said I would go places—or at least the things I make will.

I went to the grocery store today and bought fruit. A big check-out lady with star tattoos on her upper side neck called me “Baby.”… or maybe it was “Honey.” Then I saw a felt-tipped 8 antlered deer. The deer was not at the grocery store.


See you soon.

– kyle



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