Roadside Ramblings

A couple weeks ago I was driving near Decatur, Georgia. I pulled up to an intersection. I sat at the corner of Candler Road and Memorial Drive. As I did I saw what I thought was a panhandler walking towards my truck. He had a light limp and stared out from a slot below the brim of his large black foam hat. The man was very short and with his hat looked like something out of the Munchkin Village in The Wizard of Oz.

He locked his eyes onto me and began to walk over. My window was rolled down. The next thing I knew he walked right up to the window, threw some papers in my lap and gruffly said, You can have these!” He instantly walked away.

I looked down and saw 4 large notecards covered in writings and drawings. I realized it was something interesting so I yelled “Thank You!” The small man in the large black hat did not look back as he walked away. The light turned green and I began to drive.

I showed these cards to some friends and tried to make sense of them. I thought they should be documented here on my blog.

Have you ever seen this street-walking madman? Was he waiting on me?

Can you make sense out of these cryptic writings? If so please write me on my webpage.

– kyle



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