These Currents of Time (2 weeks)

I have been staying busy lately on a bunch of small projects. This time of year you can become limited by workspace and daylight and temperature. The tests of time.

People will take your 6 dollar bills. Don’t let them. Please?

Cover your highway eyes–lead them to the mountains. Days and the river are all made of distant patterns.

A van full of red angels. Who are those masked men?

I thought I saw you standing by the door last night.

I always get paranoid about my vehicle. Did you say something?

I get concerned over the welfare of machines. I’ve stumbled over the same roots for years.

My neighbor has a lot of pizza delivered to her door/ I am a painter. People die. Existing is hard sometimes.

My life is going to change soon. My life has changed so much already. I found an old letter you wrote today in the bottom of a box. It was wonderful and painful all at once. You did not plan on that.



– kyle



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