A Business Needs A Sign (or two)

There is a little food hut down the hill. Sometimes it is open. Sometimes it is not. These times vary greatly. It has had a blank sign in front of the small establishment for several years. The sign was red. Then one day it was half green. It has most always been blank. A blank sign won’t turn any heads.

I always thought I would like to paint it for them. The other day I left them a note. The next day I got a call. A man named Tracy was on the line and he said to come down the street and talk to him right now. He had an interesting way of saying words. I went to meet him.

I sat in the blazing hot sun and painted. I felt happy. Maria drove by and said I should paint the back of the sign too. Sounded good to me. (She also asked me later what a “tender” was.)Now they have a fresh sign that will make people smile. They called me “Cat Man” and I think that is just fine.


– kyle



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