Screen prints and Me (Inky Mixtape Prep)

I have been working on my prints for the upcoming Inky Mixtape screen print collaboration show. This set was printed by three other guys and then handed to me. Some of them I painted over more than others. I struggled a bit and had to let them sit a while. In the last few days my mind opened up and I painted my layers on top of the previous ones.

Who knows what they will look like by the time of the show, but this is how they look currently. It is nice to switch up mediums and paint with new supplies on new surfaces. Sometimes it takes a different type of project to make that happen.

Change can inspire you.

Stay tuned for the show details in the near future.

inky-mixtape-print-collaboration-show-blackcattips-mother-mary-jesus-baby inky-mixtape-print-collaboration-show-blackcattips-eel-leg inky-mixtape-print-collaboration-show-blackcattips-bear-snake inky-mixtape-print-collaboration-show-blackcattips-zipper inky-mixtape-print-collaboration-show-blackcattips-elephant inky-mixtape-print-collaboration-show-blackcattips-1


– kyle

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