Happy Art Makes More Happy (listen to donna)

Donna Rosser approached me a year or two ago for an interview. She had seen some of my art along the highways and in the woods in Fayette County. She is a photographer and writer for several publications. I met her and some of her friends in the area. They have supported what I do— my streetfolk art installations and mural work.

Donna lives in Fayette County as do my parents. She wrote a blog post in hopes of getting the message across that art is good and can be happy and bright and it makes impressions with children and adults alike. We shouldn’t be scared of bright colors and non-serious art. I appreciate what she has to say.  Art can be just simple and fun— easy on the mind. It is ok to just smile.

Every time I paint a public mural I have people stop and talk to me and ask questions. They bring their children and we talk about art and what it means to them. It is very meaningful. The other day I was painting a outdoor mural in EastLake neighborhood of Atlanta. A mother brought her small child to see me paint. The little girl had drawn me a picture and wanted to tell me about it. She also brought me a board to paint on. Pay is nice but it doesn’t leave a warm impression on your heart like a kids’ funny happy stories.

If you live in Fayette county or want to support public art in general, please read the link below. Please dont be scared of the colors and ideas outside of  your comfort zone. Art connects people and makes kids smile (and adults too) I have many stories to back up these claims. :)

Check out Donna Rosser’s blog post here.

Hense mural blackcattips

Photos by Donna Rosser

– kyle

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